Reviews aside, I’ve got some cool things going on! Click the header to see all the posts for a feature!


This weekly feature is all about the books I’m waiting for – whether I’m waiting for it to be released or just waiting for the perfect day to read it! Click the banner for this week’s Waiting on Wednesday, and you can visit my past Waiting on Wednesdays here!


This new feature is thematic. Every month is given a theme and I write commentaries on how the books I’ve read relate to the month’s theme. At the end of every month is an international giveaway of the book I think best fit the theme!



Sometimes we just can’t wait to get our hands on books! In this feature, I review samplers and excerpts of books, new and already released to decide whether I want to read them, or to sate my burning curiosity to have the book right now!



When I’m not reading books, or watching costume dramas (hail, Jane Austen!) I’m probably watching Korean dramas. If you’ve never watched one, you’re missing out! This feature is for all my Korea love!


This year I’m challenging myself to read more and to read a more varied selection of books! I currently have several challenges going on. Click to see what my 2015 reading goals are!


Tell me what you think!

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