Pinocchio Episode 6 – Thoughts

What is a university girl with a gap between exams to do with her time?


I’ve got three shows to catch up on: Pinocchio, Birth of a Beauty, and Pride and Prejudice. With two episodes each at one hour per episode, it’s been a crazy night of tears, squealy fangirls and yelling at the screen. I’m not even done yet, but I’m pretty close to this point:

But who really needs help with you have Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye?

Seriously, their chemistry is amazing, and I absolutely loved this episode! I feel like it had so many of the aspects of your classic Korean drama: the back hug, the guy carrying the girl, the sadness, the laughter, the crazy ever-present fate.

First, let me say this, and I really need to get this off my chest: I hate the second male lead, Seo Beom Jo. I really do. He’s a total momma’s boy, and he literally lets his mom do the majority of his work for him. I also don’t like his face. He’s definitely attractive (can’t lie, I’m a Pinocchio) (no, I’m not), but there’s something really arrogant about his face, and when he smirks at LJS, oh my gosh, I want to set their sunbae, Jang Hyun Gyu on him.

Speaking of which, Jang Hyun Gyu is awesome. Like seriously. We get a flashback into what he was like when he first started reporting and it was absolutely hilarious! The look on his face slayed me. I love when he screams at his hoobaes, and I really enjoyed seeing him cower at the chain of (yelling) command. But the best thing about him? Definitely his style. Who else could pull off a headband the way he does?

Fear the headband. Love the headband.

A lot of this episode was on forwarding the plot and personal growth, so though we do get some relationship-development time, there wasn’t a lot of it.

So I mentioned it before: fate. In my experience, fate is huge in Korean dramas. It adds this magic element like the universe and God are telling you, this is the one. The fate of Choi Dal Po is catching up with him now. Everything is tying in together in a tighter and tighter knot. The directors and writers are also brilliant – there’s this one scene where they do this seamless mesh of past and present. I was so impressed by it, it was by far the best part of the drama for me.

I’m so so happy with where this drama is going. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I’m expecting great things.



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