Getting to Know Me – A Canadian, Korean-drama-loving, Introverted Bibliophile

As soon as I heard about this blog hop, I knew I had to sign up. This blog hop was hosted by the lovely ladies at Cuddlebuggery!

I’m very new to the book blogger community, and I’ve spent the past few months getting to know some of my favorite authors – which has been equal parts amazing and hilarious (I had no idea about Lauren DeStefano and her cats) – but now I want you guys to get to know me!

Basics facts about me: I’m in my undergraduate year of university, studying a double major in English and Criminology; I’m a proud Canadian (who literally says ‘eh’ once every four to eight sentences); I love love love costume dramas (Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell have my favourite adaptations), and you’ll often find me yelling at a Korean drama (they’re seriously awesome).

I’ve loved books since I was a kid and I found out you could check out FIFTY books at a time from the library. Of course my eight-year-old self couldn’t read that many books before the return date (I had a strictly enforced bedtime), but just the idea of it and carrying stacks of books blew my mind. My favourite book is Flowers in the Attic by V.C Andrews. This book was tragic and creepy and just downright fantastic, I tell my friends to read it and then slip it under their pillows when they refuse (just kidding, mostly). This book though kept me reading when I was younger, and it’s more than likely the reason I still love to read and write. I find myself coming back to it again and again.

Personality-wise, I’m a very introverted person, and this is something that really hard for me sometimes. It’s hard for me to make friends because I worry about what to say, smiling, not being creepy, not seeming uninterested, and all this translates into me not really talking much to strangers. I don’t like being around crowds of people where I’m expected to interact with many of them – crowds where I can be anonymous are awesome. I have this oxymoron feeling about my introversion – like I’ll be sitting on a bus, and as it fills up I’ll want people to sit beside me (like yay, you chose me!), but simultaneously, I don’t want to sit beside people because I worry about having to converse, the volume of my music, brushing against their arm, so on and so on.

I’m pretty okay with my introversion, but it does get to me at times when people treat it with disdain, or when my mom tells me I used to be such a vibrant person. Don’t get me wrong – I talk a lot and I love to laugh, just with people I’m comfortable with. I like to get a feel for a person before approaching them, but these days, where friendships form in a snap, I get left behind a lot. Thankfully, I have four roommates (three of which share my brand of introversion), and we spend a lot of time together drinking wine, groaning about schoolwork and yelling at our Korean dramas.

I often like to spend time alone, but the blogging community has really opened me up and I’m so excited to meet the authors and bloggers who make it so darn interesting. It’s like a whole new world.

Now for the fun part: giveaway!

I’m giving away two books that I read this year: my arc copy of Falling into Place by Amy Zhang and The Only Thing to Fear by Caroline Tung Richmond. Both are these are books I really enjoyed reading, and I was lucky enough to get two copies of both! Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to Canadian residents (sorry!). 

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13 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me – A Canadian, Korean-drama-loving, Introverted Bibliophile”

  1. I can definitely relate about the introversion. It’s always nice to hear someone else articulate what you’re feeling, so thanks for posting about it! And I just recently started getting into Korean dramas. They’re absolutely amazing


  2. *glomps onto fellow K-Drama lover* OH MY GOD THERE’S MORE WHO LOVE K-DRAMAS!! My friends (or most notably my Korean boyfriend) look at me as if I’m a fascinating crazy person any time I talk about K-dramas. I mean they’ll let me talk about it (which is more than I can say about books), but they clearly think I’m insane haha. What are your favourites? Seriously. You have no idea how excited I am about that.

    Also period dramas + Elizabeth Gaskell = you have seen North and South!! I’m a die hard lover of Darcy in all formats, but when I saw Richard Armitage in North and South I was like…holy mother of sin. There’s no going back. I actually haven’t read the book yet, so I’m hoping I wasn’t just entirely swayed by Richard Armitage’s swoony good looks and smoldering gazes.

    And you have the public transit conundrum too! It’s weird being like…no one sit next to me please! And …wait. No one sat next to me! Why? What’s wrong with me?!

    I’m so glad you participated in the blog hop – it’s great to meet you!


      1. DAMN IT. I wish I could edit these. I feel like an idiot haha. I found twitter..but still up for goodreads if you have it…*hides face in embarrassment for acting like an idiot*


    1. OMG YOU HAVE A LEGITIMATE OPPA!?!?! Luckily it’s my roommates who got me into k-dramas last year, so I fangirl with them ALL THE TIME!! My roommates are also less interested in books than kdramas aha. My all time favorite is Secret Garden (because Hyun Bin, duh) but I also really liked Coffee Prince, My Love from the Star and I Hear Your Voice! If you check out the Inside my Mind section of this blog, it’s pretty much where I talk about what I’m watching. Right now I’m watching Birth of a Beauty (waiting for episode to sub as we speak), Pride and Prejudice, and Pinocchio! What do you like?

      AND YES, OMG MR.THORNTON WAS GAVE ME CRAZY SWOONS. In like episode three and four I was just screaming and squealing the whole time! It’s actually on my Christmas list this year. And I haven’t read the book either so I’m hoping I get the same feels.

      I do have twitter and goodreads, my twitter account is @bibliophilemind and my Goodreads account url is

      Thanks so much for the great comment!


      1. Woahhh I am clearly unable to hit the submit button on things! Totally thought I’d already responded to this lol. I do, and he’s kind of the best 🙂 (But he really, really, really hates it if I call him oppa haha! So of course I do it on purpose just when I want to annoy him muahahaha)

        Yeah I have to say Secret Garden really almost toppled Coffee Prince for favourite…but…gender bending is hard to beat for me. Plus Gong Yoo. Who is like….basically the most gorgeous being on earth AND actually a good actor! I don’t usually rewatch things (especially subtitles, because I usually only let myself watch things when I’m bribing myself to do something productive which makes subtitles difficult), but man Coffee Prince is becoming a bi-yearly thing for me. I’d do it every year if I had time for it haha. (I even made my boyfriend watch it last time and he liked it! I am the best bully ever :D) I Can Hear Your Voice was the last drama I finished! It was SO GOOD. I totally didn’t expect to like it nearly as much as I did, and I loved that as far as relationships go this was probably closest to not being borderline abusive. (I love K-Dramas, but sometimes…I just can’t when it comes to the way the guys treat the girls. I’m looking at you Playful Kiss.) I do not know My Love from the Star, so I’m officially adding it to my list right now!

        I’m not up to date with ongoing K-Dramas (mostly because I think I’d die waiting for the next episode), but I’d probably get to watch more dramas if I was reasonable about how I watch them haha! I might give it a go though, especially if I know someone who’s watching it too so I can freak out with them after every episode *hint hint*


  3. Introversion is complicated because many people don’t understand. They think I’m being aloof or snobby, when it’s just that I’m over-analyzing everything about the situation and that is taking all my brain power. And I take a long time to open up because, honestly, people can be draining. I’ve read that introverts lose energy when we’re around people, so that’s why we can be picky about who we give that energy to. I don’t usually have a lot of friends because when I do call you friend, that means I’ll do anything for you.

    I haven’t thought about Flowers in the Attic in a long time, but that was definitely a book that turned me on to reading. I’m going to have to reread that one!


  4. Hey as I was reading this I started to cry. I have been an introvert all my life. Shy+introvert+noconfidence=me. I am probably the shyist girl out there. I am in high school now as a freshman. I have a few friends, all are new students in esl. I’ve lived in the us all my life and I have no American friends. I am a Chinese girl. My worst nightmare is partner activities in class.. I have no friends in ANY of my classes, except drawing. During partner activities I always wait for everyone to find a partner, then I tell the teacher.. I have a really hard time talking to people and I always feel like I’m the shadow of the school. I am actually quite nice,funny an unique.. but it’s sad no one will get to kknow the real me.. I loved your post so mugh because we have similar personalities. I also love kdramas so so much! Idk if u can believe me or not but I Watched 40 full Korean dramas and started 10 new ones in just 2014 o.O Ikr I am crazy XD my favorite dramas are my love from another star and I hear your voice. also I think that I will love the new drama called heart to heart because the girl has social disorder like me..I also love kpop(exo,bts, and got7) . I love anime and manga and I am quite the procrastinator:p. I am really scared for the rest of high schooll.. and I just want to have one friend in each class to help me 😦 you seem like a really nice person:) sorry for the really long comment .. have a nice day ^^ 🙂


    1. Hi 🙂 Trust me, cliche as it sound, things get better. I really didn’t have many friends in high school either, especially once the few I did have all moved away in the space of two months. It was really hard for me to make the attempt at making friends, but people are usually a lot friendlier and more welcoming than you think! And even having one friend definitely helps a lot, but it’s worth trying! There might be someone who wants to be friends with you, but is just as shy!
      I’m so happy to hear you like kdramas! I’ve been connecting with more Korean culture lovers since starting the drama! Have you watched Flower Boy Next Door with Park Shin Hye? She’s also really shy, and I related to her a bit in that drama.
      It was so nice hearing from you! Remember, hard as it may be, the effort of making just one friend is SO rewarding, it’s totally worth it. 🙂

      – Barbara


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