Birth of New Dramas!

One thing I love about Korean dramas is that as soon as one ends, the next drama starts right away! Right now I’m watching two dramas as they air: Birth of a Beauty and Pride and Prejudice (not based on the Austen novel of the same title)! The first two episodes of Birth of a Beauty aired this past Saturday and Sunday, and Pride and Prejudice just aired their third and fourth episodes in their Monday-Tuesday slot!

Birth of a Beauty

tumblr_nefufzCmsn1u2iw48o2_500I think this drama has gotten off to a great start. The first episode though was positively heartbreaking. This drama is about an overweight woman who wasn’t seen as beautiful, who transforms her appearance to get revenge on her husband. Watching the way she was treated because of her previous appearance, was just awful. It hurt my heart. Other than this, though, it was funny and interesting, and already the love lines are all tangled up. Sara/Sa Geum Ran is a likeable, pretty lead, even if her character is very naive. She seems to have a good heart, and that’s going to get her in all kinds of trouble, I know. Han Tae Hee is amazing, of course, with his eccentricities that make me love him just as much as I did in Cunning Single Lady. I can’t wait to see what his back story is with second female lead! Birth of a Beauty looks like it’s going to be a cutesy romantic-comedy!

Pride and Prejudice

Okay, let me just say that the character Koo Dong Chi can really wear a suit! This drama is about a team of legal prosecutors, and I can already tell there’s going to be all kinds of back story. I can’t figure out the main male character, though. He’s a mix of confidence, but humility (at least to his boss), protectiveness, but vulnerability. I really hope we get a chance to see him in court because so far it’s mostly been the team looking into cases. Han Yeol Moo has proven that she has a fire inside of her, and when we saw some of her backstory I was sobbing. Sobbing, oh sweet sugar, it was sad. There’s great acting all around and actor Choi Min Soo is a delight! I love the living situation, but I’m hoping there’s no love triangle!


Tell me what you think!

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