Waiting on Wednesday – Sisters’ Fate

This week’s Waiting on Wednesday is Sisters’ Fate by Jessica Spotswood!

Sisters’ Fate is the (for me, long-anticipated) conclusion to the Cahill Witch Chronicles, the first and second of which are Born Wicked and Star Cursed, respectively. Star Cursed was one of my summer reads and I absolutely loved it! Just as good as the first book, Star Cursed had me at the end of my seat and gritting my teeth, cursing characters and falling in love with Finn all over again.

I’m even more excited about the release of Sisters’ Fate now that I got my Jessica Spotswood mail! My very first from an author *blushes.

The end of Star Cursed left me…perplexed, stunned, angry, livid, but above all, desperate to see how it all works out. We know already from the prophecy about the three sisters that the ending will most likely not be entirely happy, but who knows? Our Cahill girls and the bookish Finn just might be able to pull off some magic with the help of some friends!

Sisters’ Fate releases on August 14th! Mark your calendars! To the right of the page, you can see I’m eagerly counting down!


Tell me what you think!

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