Currently Reading…Brazen

I bought Brazen by Katherine Longshore a few days ago, and even though I’ve barely made a dent in the 512 page book I am loving it already!

Where history so often seems boring and staid, it’s leaping off the page through Katherine Longshore’s expert writing. Court seems full of sexual tension and promise, witty jokes, and bold characters. I’m interested in seeing how the seemingly short plot summary on the back of the book – There’s only one man Mary Howard wants – the one she’s forbidden from having. Her husband. – is going to transform and flourish into this thick book. This is my favourite bit so far:

“And when he looks at her – have you seen it?”

“It’s like his gaze is a nod. As if he agrees not only with everything she says but with everything she is.

“We could all aspire to have someone love us that much,”

“That kind of love can change your life.” – 20


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