Excerpt of Marie Lu’s “The Young Elites” – Review


As soon as I saw the link to preview chapters 1-5 of Marie Lu’s new book The Young Elites on twitter (link at the bottom of the page), I jumped!

Unfortunately, the responsibilities of adulthood (work, household cleanings, horrid dentist appointments) meant I didn’t get to read it until now. My reaction?

I tore through the excerpt, page after page, until I clicking the next button saying, “No, no no! You are not finished until I say you’re finished!” Needless to say I am waiting with an overwhelming sense of urgency for its release on – oh dear Lord – October 7th. 

Right now, more than plot, I am in love with the main character, Adelina. Oh my lanta, Adelina. She is spectacular, but in a scary way. My impressions about her after this short reading are that she is this browbeaten, trodden-down girl. Duh. What I sensed, more deeply than this, was that we are being given a hero’s tale with a villain in the throne. We are on the white stallion, charging towards justice and Right, but on the back of that glorious mare is a figure shrouded in darkness and I like it. Adelina has something lurking inside her and I can’t tell if it’s true darkness, or if its a plethora of shadows or illusions of darkness. What I want to find out is if she continues to fight that something or if she’ll embrace the myths about malfettos and the Young Elites – dangerous, untrustworthy, wretched.

Wake me up when September ends, so I can stake out the local Chapters for a copy of Marie Lu’s The Young Elites. 

Read the excerpt here: 



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