Moira Young, Everyone! + a new family addition


As I mentioned before Moira Young visited my local chapters for an author meet-and-greet! I was so in awe I think I actually spaced out for a few times, but it was amazing! As my first time seeing an author in person, it was a wonderful experience! Moira Young was so friendly and nice – she actually asked me what I’m studying! And when I mentioned that I write this tiny piece of bibliophilia, she and her agent/publisher actually recognized the name! It was a beautiful moment and such a wonderful surprise!

Much to my dismay, my copy of Blood Red Road is at my rental home, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it signed. I did, however, manage to get Rebel Heart and Raging Star signed, and was able to purchase Rebel Star a day in advance of its official release day (in an optimistic manner, I’ll consider it my first ARC, haha!)

I’ll get pictures of both signed copies up, as well as the picture I took with Moira Young, as soon as possible!

Also, because it’s a bookstore, I couldn’t be content with buying JUST ONE BOOK – heaven forbid my bank account retain any money. I also snatched up Kelly Armstrong’s new book Sea of Shadows, which I can’t wait to dive into. Get it? Dive? Sea? Okay, comedy isn’t my strong suit, so I’ll leave with this:

I’ll see you when I see you!


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