Mind-Blown Monday – The Storyteller

This week’s mind-blown Monday was a book that had me up until the wee hours of the morning.

The Storyteller by Antonia Michaelis wasn’t originally written in English, but was later translated. Here is the description as per Goodreads:

Anna and Abel couldn’t be more different. They are both seventeen and in their last year of school, but while Anna lives in a nice old town house and comes from a well-to-do family, Abel, the school drug dealer, lives in a big, prisonlike tower block at the edge of town. Anna is afraid of him until she realizes that he is caring for his six-year-old sister on his own. Fascinated, Anna follows the two and listens as Abel tells little Micha the story of a tiny queen assailed by dark forces. It’s a beautiful fairy tale that Anna comes to see has a basis in reality. Abel is in real danger of losing Micha to their abusive father and to his own inability to make ends meet. Anna gradually falls in love with Abel, but when his “enemies” begin to turn up dead, she fears she has fallen for a murderer. Has she?

Award-winning author Antonia Michaelis moves in a bold new direction with her latest novel: a dark, haunting, contemporary story that is part mystery, part romance, and part melodrama

What I loved about this book was its curve. No, not curves like “Ooo, damn, look at that book spine”, but that it twisted what I thought was happening and what would happen until I had no idea what I thought. You think you know what’s happening, but doubt creeps in on you, and you’re not sure until the end.

And once you reach the end…

I don’t want to spoil it, but there’s one part that just gets me, the thing that little girl does, and then it’s just all over.

Mind-blown, heart broken, hope gone.



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